Tuesday, September 13, 2016

English Idioms "B" Part 7

Bone of contention

If there is an issue that always causes tension and arguments, it is called a bone of contention.

Bone to pick

If you have a bone to pick with someone, you are annoyed about something they have done and want to tell them how you feel.

 Born with a silver spoon in your mouth

This idiom tells that you are born into a rich family.

Bottom line

In accountancy, the bottom line is net income, and is used idiomatically to mean the conclusion.

Brass tacks

If you get down to brass tacks, you get down to the real business.

Break a leg

This idiom is a way of wishing someone good luck.

Break even

If you break even, you don't make any money, but you don't lose any either.

Break the ice

When you break the ice, you get over any initial shyness when you meet someone for the first time and start conversing.

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