Monday, March 28, 2016

English Idioms that begin with C part 2

Charity begins at home

This idiom means that family members are more important than anyone esle, and should be the focus of a person's efforts.

Chase rainbows

If someone chases rainbows, they try to do something that they will never achieve.

Chew the cud

If you chew the cud, you think carefully about something.

Chew the fat

If you chew the fat with someone, you talk at leisure with them.


If something is small or unimportant, especially money, it is chickenfeed.

Chip off the old block

If someone is a chip off the old block, they closely resemble one or both of the parents in character.

Clean as a Whistle

If something is as clean as a whistle, it is extremely clean, spotless. It can also be used to mean 'completely', though this meaning is less common nowadays.

Clean bill of health

If something or someone has a clean bill of health, then there's nothing wrong; everything's fine.

Clean slate

If you start something with a clean slate, then nothing bad from your past is taken into account.

Clear as mud

If something is as clear as mud, then it is very confusing and unclear.

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